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Business Solutions

Our principals have successfully executed on our clients’ strategies for twenty years. Those experiences give us a comprehensive understanding of the impacts and operational considerations required for a pragmatic, executable strategy.


Core Technology

We’ve built our reputation on successfully managing complex technology projects for mid-sized up to Fortune 100 companies for over two decades, so we’re able to bring both the strategic understanding and the on-the-ground expertise to your projects.


Optimization & Efficiency

Change happens. All too often, it ends up chaotic when it can be managed. Our team members bring the knowledge to help plan and drive change, whether it is organizational change, communication, or optimization activities.



Innovation isn’t easy: StoneLaurel can help you navigate change with a proven methodology that drives sustainable results.


Case Study Health

Increasing Efficiency at Healthcare IT Department

In 2013, a leading regional health insurance company’s IT unit experienced considerable change: It had seen two CIOs in three years and other leadership roles had rotated, while outsourcing and offshoring positions had made the group smaller. Department heads came to StoneLaurel asking how to best optimize their business and redefine their goals while maintaining a strong identity and a renewed energy for the team.