Near perfect quality at 3x the speed

One of the country’s most successful companies was struggling to stay there, having lost ground to competitors in key quality metrics, value and speed. Our Innovation Process and execution strategy changed the game.

Case Study Health

Increasing Efficiency at Healthcare IT Department

In 2013, a leading regional health insurance company’s IT unit experienced considerable change: It had seen two CIOs in three years and other leadership roles had rotated, while outsourcing and offshoring positions had made the group smaller. Department heads came to StoneLaurel asking how to best optimize their business and redefine their goals while maintaining a strong identity and a renewed energy for the team.

CaseStudy Retail Image

Fashioning a Transformative Plan for Retailer’s CPO

In 2014, a major southeastern retailer’s Chief People Officer was eight months into the job and seeking direction. She wanted a long-term vision to propel the HR department forward. she also required a near-term plan that would alleviate immediate operational challenges.

Case Study Financial Image

Cashing in on project management support for ATM technology

One of the country’s largest banks, a Fortune 100 company, had a vision in 2012 to roll out new technology in 17,000 ATM machines that would introduce the availability of live, teller-assisted video options. Leadership, however, felt they needed a stronger plan for project management and organization to determine the best approach to test, pilot and integrate the new technology. They called on StoneLaurel for solutions.

Consolidating projects to maximize efficiency for insurance giant

In 2012, one of the nation’s largest insurance corporations decided to roll out new initiatives on client computing, messaging, and collaboration in its corporate offices. Leadership felt those plans could be better organized and executed – and possibly consolidated into one program – and enlisted StoneLaurel to conduct a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (S.W.O.T.) analysis on the projects.