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Cashing in on project management support for ATM technology

StoneLaurel provides project management support for major bank that enables the introduction of new live, teller-assisted video options at ATM machines.

Business Challenge

One of the country’s largest banks, a Fortune 100 company, had a vision to roll out new technology in 17,000 ATM machines that would introduce the availability of live, teller-assisted video options. Leadership, however, felt they needed a stronger plan for project management and organization to determine the best approach to test, pilot and integrate the new technology. They called on StoneLaurel for solutions for managing the project and for other related sub-projects.

StoneLaurel’s Solution

A team of consultants with industry experience began by testing programs and processes for reliability, script tracking, data management, device preparation and generating metrics. Once they developed a strong project strategy with that information, consultants helped leaders with the ATM’s pilot planning. To do that, they worked with various groups within the company, including Operations, Information Security, Risk Management, IT, and also externally with vendors that provided telecommunications, software development and ATM Support Services. With all the moving parts working seamlessly together, StoneLaurel equipped the bank with the right tools to integrate the new technology with success.

Big Results

Because this major bank was armed with the proper leadership, support, and tools needed to introduce the new ATM technology, the rollout was a victory for both the company and its clients. The live-teller video services allow customers to have a dramatically enhanced banking experience because it lets them address all of their banking needs at an ATM machine. The technology’s successful integration not only cements customer loyalty but also sustains the company’s competitive edge.