Optimization & Efficiency

Project Life Cycle Management

The term “project” can include anything from a small, internal effort to a massive, global effort. Our team members help with any size project, in any part of the project lifecycle, from idea generation to implementation. We bring your vision to life by effectively leading projects through detailed planning and execution.

Organizational Transformation

Change is part of life. All too often, it ends up chaotic when it can be managed. Our team members bring the knowledge to help plan and drive change, whether it is organizational transformation, communication needs, or optimization activities.

Organizational Assessment & Optimization

On the ever-changing landscape where customer demands, business needs and technology intersect, assessing and optimizing the performance of a department, business function or company as a whole is a necessary and critical component. It is inevitable that you will be asked to do more with less.

StoneLaurel is here to support you by evaluating your current operations, people, tools, processes and making recommendations for improving or transforming the operational effectiveness within your department, business function or company. Our offerings include:

  • Organizational Design and Assessment
  • Performance Measurement/Management
  • Process Mapping/Improvement
  • Roadmapping

Agile Transformation

No matter where you are on the journey to leverage Agile practices, StoneLaurel will help guide you to not only use Agile but be Agile. Our offerings include:

  • Agile Transformation – Transform how your team and organization delivers products to your customers through hands-on, pragmatic coaching and mentoring from our experienced team members
  • Agile Delivery – StoneLaurel helps companies reach their objectives by using Agile principles to successfully respond to and learn from external events, to innovate technically and organizationally, and to plan and execute new courses of action.
  • Agile Maturity Assessment – By assessing which behaviors are exhibited by a team in their daily practice, the strength and maturity of the underlying practices can be assessed. Through this assessment process an overall Agile Maturity Score can be obtained as well as a score by specific disciplines broken down by the agile practices that comprise it.
  • Agile Training – StoneLaurel offers training for individual Agile teams, management, product management, human resources, and other stakeholder groups. Agile training is a way to improve project performance by teaching the basic concepts of Agile to an organization and driving consistency in language and approach.
  • Coaching – StoneLaurel will help guide and direct your team towards its goals. Our coaches are experienced in a wide variety of teams and team dynamics.