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Fashioning a Transformative Plan for Retailer’s CPO

StoneLaurel offers major retailer fresh vision and strategy to propel HR department forward for the near and long-term.

Business Challenge

A major southeastern retailer’s Chief People Officer was eight months into the job and seeking direction. She wanted a long-term vision to propel the HR department forward, and to have the time to focus on that, she also required a near-term plan that would alleviate immediate operational challenges. In addition, she wanted to eliminate operations inefficiencies and find a better way for HR leadership to organize and address priority matters.

StoneLaurel’s Solution

The CPO turned to StoneLaurel to get her department on track. StoneLaurel assembled a team with expert knowledge in executive relationship management and PMO and governance development and management. They began in-depth discussions with the CPO and her key lieutenants to understand the company’s culture, hopes, and challenges. Then consultants analyzed HR processes, governance routines, and team goals.Following the interviews and analyses, consultants coached HR members and showed leadership how to use new project governance tools. They wrote and implemented an annual performance planning process and documented the CPO’s annual goals. The consultants then developed a 3-5 year strategy framework. In addition, they showed leadership new data and analytics methods to help them understand how to position employees in roles that would maximize their strengths, their engagement, the customer’s experience, and perhaps most importantly— revenue.

Big Results

The CPO and HR department now have a realistic, practical strategy they employ – with much success – to help them, and the major retailer they support, thrive. Leadership found significant value in the personal coaching. New project governance tools gave the department direction and a more efficient way to process work intake, approval, prioritization, and the pipeline management for all of HR’s work. The CPO’s updated annual goals ensure that she will lead the department toward success for the next three to five years, and team members are deploying StoneLaurel’s long-term plan with great success.