Near perfect quality at 3x the speed

StoneLaurel provides comprehensive, end-to-end innovation consulting and coaching to Fortune 50 company to drive
division-wide quality and speed.

Business Challenge

One of the country’s most successful companies was struggling to stay there, having lost ground to competitors in key quality metrics, value and speed. Our Innovation Process and execution strategy changed the game.

StoneLaurel’s Solution

Our team began by uncovering the root causes of poor quality and slow speed, before helping them to implement an industry leading approach to improve ideas, eliminate bad projects, drive quality requirements and design at each stage of development.  We worked the breadth of the organization’s product, IT, sales, operations, implementations and marketing teams to embed a set of processes and tools that formed the core of a practical and executable approach to innovation that functions the way software development actually works.

Industry Leading Results

Through steadfast dedication to the goals by leadership, engagement with the associate base and close coordination with their customers, they were able to reach a quality bar where less than 1 in 100 defects was found by a customer, cut speed to market in half and deliver targeted offerings that customers wanted to buy – all at 70% of the typical project cost.  As an added bonus, employee engagement in the innovation process doubled, as employees were able to spend more time improving products and see them come to fruition.